GeoPush triggers notifications for unlimited fences

• Do you know the brand affinity of your mobile users? What brands do they like? • Are you able to push messages to your mobile users based on where they are and what they are doing? • At home, at work, at shopping malls, at transit stations, while they are commuting, at retail shops, at hotels, within theaters, dining at restaurants, having a good time at bars and pubs? • Do you use geofences in Android? Are you able to overcome the default limit of 100 fences?

GeoPush allows customer push messages triggered by geo-fenced events and user activity in the real world.

What sets us apart?

  • Engagement Workflow: choreographs the work required to design and execute mobile engagement, including tasks, responsibilities and timelines.

  • Event-Triggered Engagements: enables trigger mobile engagements based on information such as user activity information — for example, when a user start to walk.

  • Real-Time Engagement: enables deliver real-time mobile engagement via notification, based on customer or segment insights (prior to an engagement) combined with information gleaned during an engagement.

  • Location-Based Engagements: using a customer’s current and historical location information (as permitted), this capability allows leverage real-time location information on a customer’s mobile device to trigger relevant engagements.

  • S2MP: at our knowledge, our SDK is the first and unique Mobile Engagement Platform that supports S2MP (Single To Multiple Push). This capability pushes to devices all logic necessary to trigger a notification.

  • FCM-free: at last but not least, our SDK is the unique Mobile Engagement Platform FCM-free, that is, all message exchanges are performed on our cloud infrastructure: makes integration simpler.