Record In-App Events

An in-app event represents an event or action performed by the end user within your mobile app. LotaData's SDK enables you to define, tag, record, and analyze in-app events for your mobile users. Example of commonly tagged events are: “app launched”, “app moved to foreground”, “app moved to background”, “start button clicked", "game level complete", "transaction start", "payment complete", "packaged picked up", "delivery complete".

To tag an in-app event, you should call the corresponding record function.

//Providing a tag representing an event
//Providing a tag associated to a numerical value
mMomentsClient.recordEvent("purchase", 2.99);
//Providing multiple tags representing an unique event
List eventsList = Arrays.asList("event A", "event B", "event C");
//Providing a map of tags, where each tag has a related object (text description, for example)
Map<String, Object> eventsMap;
eventsMap = new HashMap<String, Object>();
eventsMap.put("user event", "the user is doing task A");
eventsMap.put("system event", "the system is doing task B");


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