Get Location Events

Apps can personalize the experience with accurate geo-context and location events.

The SDK gets a location fix as soon as initialized and starts to save position history on the device as well in the cloud. The SDK provides real-time callbacks when the phone departs an area, arrives in an area, or stays within an area. You can also get callbacks when the phone moves a significant distance or stays in the same place for longer periods of time.

Each location event is accompanied by a string indicating the type of event recorded. There is no need for you to persist any data in your app, the SDK will do it all for you.




triggered when user arrives at a location


triggered when user stays at the same location


triggered when user leaves a location


triggered when user moves a significant distance


periodic ping to get location and generate deeper insights


generated by the SDK to monitor init & transition events


generated by you, the user of our SDK

To register for and receive the location events, use the below code snippet:

mMomentsClient.monitorLocation("anything", new LocationCallback<String>() {
public void handleLocation(String extra, Location loc) {
Bundle bundle = loc.getExtras();
String action = bundle.getString(Moments.KEY_TRAIL_ACTION);
// Do something


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