Get Historical Data

We want you to access the historical location data and activity data for your mobile users. We would like you to customize and personalize your app experience based on location history and inferred user behaviors.

There are 3 ways of consuming historical data.

  • In-app calls to directly access history

  • JSON formatted data from our RESTful APIs

  • Deep insights and rich visuals in GeoDash

To check for new location data when your app relaunches you can check historySize and then call getHistoricalPosition(int).

Location history is a bounded LIFO queue limited to 1000 (default) entries. In other words, returned record 0 is the most recent and record 999 is the oldest.

loc = mMomentsClient.getHistoricalPosition(0);


We are eager to hear from you and happy to share best practices for integrating the SDK. There are many ways for you to reach us:

But first, please sign up for an account with LOTaDATA so that we may send you the link to download our SDK.