Profiler Testing

Part one of our performance analysis was based on profiling the LotaData Rocket Demo app using the Android Profiler in the Android Studio IDE. The Rocket Demo app is the reference app that includes the LotaData SDK. The app can be downloaded from Google Play store at this link

Test Harness

Our test hardness for part one consisted of:

  1. Nexus 5X, 5.2" 1080x1920, Android 7.0

  2. LotaData Rocket Demo app from Google Play

  3. Dell Notebook PC, Intel core i7 with Ubuntu 16

  4. Android Profiler in Android Studio IDE

  5. Test duration: 15 minutes

  6. Test methodology : One geo-fix every 15 seconds resulting in a total of 60 geo-fixes for the test

SDK Size

LotaData SDK size is 169 KB. This is a very compact SDK with an wide range of features for mobile analytics and data insights.

Memory Usage

LotaData SDK's memory usage is in the range of 5 MB.

First Measurement: We measured the app's memory usage before the location permission pop-up panel was triggered, and we found it to be 29.20 MB. Note that our SDK was not running at this time.

Second Measurement: Next, we agreed to the location permission and the Privacy Policy opt-in to ensure that our SDK (actually, MomentsService) was up and running. We then waited for 15 minutes and found the app's memory usage to be 33.48 MB.

The memory usage of 4.28 MB is the difference between the above two test measurements.

Data Usage

LotaData SDK's data usage was less than 100 KB over the duration of the test.

CPU Usage

LotaData SDK's CPU usage was too low in our tests to even register with the profiler tool, as indicated by below screenshot of the console.


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