In-App Events

GeoSDK enables app developers to tag and capture appropriate in-game or in-app events and understand how these correlate with real world places, brands and user activities. Developer can define, tag and track in-app events completed by mobile users, like “start button clicked", "screen transition", "game level complete", "transaction complete".

The SDK calls the recordEvent method to register a pre-defined set of standard events. Examples of common events are listed in below table.




These events are triggered during app registration


These events are triggered when the app toggles state between foreground and background, battery is plugged in/out, or the device is charging


These events are triggered when the device was in motion, but has now become stationary


These events are triggered when the device is confirmed to have become stationary or is moving in a confined area


These events are triggered when the device used to be stationary, but has now started to move


These events are triggered when there are small location changes along the travel path from departure to arrival


These events are a general confirmation that the device is active


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