GeoPush location-based contextual notifications with unlimited geofences

If you have been engaging your mobile users with standard push notifications, you have probably wondered about the below questions:

  • How can I push messages to my mobile users based on place and activity context?

  • How can I message my users when they visit a brand or business?

  • Can I engage my mobile users when they are home, at work, at shopping malls, at retail shops, at hotels, within theaters, dining at restaurants, at bars and pubs?

  • Can I message my mobile users at airports, transit stations, or while they are commuting?

  • How can I overcome the default Google Android limit of 100 geofences that restricts my mobile app to only a few areas on the map for push notifications?

CITYDATA's push notification service called "GeoPush" is the answer to leapfrog the everyday hurdles of push engagement. GeoPush enables app developers to push messages to their mobile users based on contextual geofenced events that are triggered by real-time user activity in the physical world.

What sets us apart?

  • Engagement Workflow: Choreograph the work required to design and execute mobile engagement, including tasks, responsibilities, and timelines.

  • Unlimited Geofences: GeoSDK is the world's first SDK and mobile engagement platform that shifts the trigger logic and push capability to the mobile device. The cloud is a key part of the equation, but Edge Push Intelligence brings flexibility and freedom like no other push service on the market. Edge Push Intelligence also frees the device from the Android OS limits and allows developers to push contextual messages targeting thousands of geo-fences.

  • Real-Time Engagement: Deliver real-time mobile engagement via push notifications, based on customer or segment insights (prior to engagement) combined with information gleaned during an engagement.

  • Movement Triggers: Trigger mobile engagements based on user activity information, like walking, driving, running, or still.

  • Location Triggers: Leverage real-time location information as well as historical location profile about a mobile user to trigger relevant engagements.

  • No FCM Required: GeoSDK is FCM-free. In other words, while we integrate with Google, we do not use Firebase Cloud Messaging service. Our push service is powered by CITYDATA's cloud infrastructure which gives us infinite control and enables us to offer our clients a very unique set of features including Edge Push Intelligence.