GeoDash provides real-world analytics for mobile

LotaData uses the power of cloud computing, machine learning, and deep data science to transform the data collected by the SDK into actionable People Intelligence(TM) insights, without accessing any personally identifiable information.


The insights are accessible through LotaData's online visual dashboard called GeoDash.

GeoDash displays the below data and insights from your mobile apps.

Summary Statistics

  • Host App

  • Package Name

  • Total Devices

  • Total Location Signals

  • Signals Per Device

  • Signal Accuracy

Signal Distribution

  • Day Chart

  • Week Chart

  • Month Chart

Device Data

  • Device IFA List

  • Total Signal Count

  • Place First Seen

  • Time First Seen

  • Place Last Seen

  • Time Last Seen

Timescale Week

  • Calendar Filter

  • Week Selector

Geo Coverage

  • Countries

  • States

  • Cities & Towns

  • Place Categories

  • Top Places Visited

  • Inferred Home

  • Inferred Work

Account Credentials

GeoDash uses the same account credentials that you created when you first signed up for LotaData API Key. You can enter your email address and password in the login box to access GeoDash.

Basemap Themes

You can set the theme or color palette for the basemap in GeoDash. Themse Dawn and Monsoon are meant to provide sharper contrast with map markers and heatmap. Theme Dusk is designed to provide greater map detail, blocks, places, and transit routes.


We are eager to hear from you and happy to share best practices for integrating the SDK. There are many ways for you to reach us:

But first, please sign up for an account with LOTaDATA so that we may send you the link to download our SDK.