Fresh, accurate, anonymized, daily people-movement insights for cities, counties, districts, and provinces on a global scale

This is an unprecedented moment for humankind. The world is faced with a viral pandemic of enormous proportions. We consider it our civic duty to provide our government leaders, medical experts, researchers, and epidemiologists with the best possible data to help them make the most timely decisions to battle COVID-19. To that end, CITYDATA has launched the Data for Humanity initiative to understand and predict the transmission of the pathogen. Social interactions and movements are the key drivers for the spread of the virus. By providing anonymized and aggregated information about the movement of people, our platform CityDash AI enables local, regional, and federal governments to evaluate the effectiveness of their stay-at-home policies while also helping individuals to protect themselves by avoiding crowded areas.

CityDash AI is the real-world knowledge graph for the public sector. CityDash AI is powered by CITYDATA, a GovTech 100 company. We are GDPR-compliant, CCPA-compliant, and PDPA-Compliant. Our approach to privacy is built for the future, so you don’t have to worry about it. Watch our podcast to learn more.


We pledge to the best of our ability and our limited resources to offer the platform to government agencies, non-profits, researchers, epidemiologists, and academic institutions, with free consulting services and free monthly data insights until the pandemic is contained. However, we will need assistance to cover our baseline cloud costs for data analysis and ML compute.

Anonymized and aggregated movement pattern for COVID-19 impacted countries