You can sign up for a new account online and integrate the JAR in your mobile app with 3 easy steps, all within 3 minutes.

[success] Just give me the code, LotaData!

If you're like us, itching to skip this guide and get your hands on the sample code, we have a sample project just for you. Feel free to clone on Github.


LotaData JAR is broadly compatible with older versions of Android.

Step 1: Sign up for an account

You need to sign up for an account with LotaData.

During the sign up process, you'll be asked for certificate's SHA-1 fingerprint and app's package name.

[warning] Instruction

The app's package name and SHA-1 fingerprint must always be submitted as a pair. Please do not send one or the other.

You may send as many pairs of package name and fingerprint as you like i.e. there are no restrictions or limitations in our cloud. You may also send us separate pairs of package name and SHA-1 fingerprint for debug and release versions of the same app.

To retrieve your SHA-1 fingerprint, please follow the below steps:

  1. Locate your release certificate keystore file. There is no default location or name for the release keystore. If you don't specify one when you build your app for release, the build will leave your .apk unsigned, and you'll have to sign it before you can publish it. For the release certificate, you also need the certificate's alias and the passwords for the keystore and the certificate. You can list the aliases for all the keys in a keystore by entering:

     keytool -list -keystore your_keystore_name

    Replace your_keystore_name with the fully-qualified path and name of the keystore, including the .keystore extension. You'll be prompted for the keystore's password. Then keytool displays all the aliases in the keystore.

  2. Enter the following at a terminal or command prompt:

     keytool -list -v -keystore your_keystore_name -alias your_alias_name

    Replace your_keystore_name with the fully-qualified path and name of the keystore, including the .keystore extension. Replace your_alias_name with the alias that you assigned to the certificate when you created it.

You should see output similar to this:

Alias name: <alias_name>
Creation date: Feb 02, 2013
Entry type: PrivateKeyEntry
Certificate chain length: 1
Owner: CN=Android Debug, O=Android, C=US
Issuer: CN=Android Debug, O=Android, C=US
Serial number: 4cc9b300
Valid from: Mon Feb 02 08:01:04 UTC 2013 until: Mon Feb 02 18:05:04 PST 2033
Certificate fingerprints:
    MD5:  AE:9F:95:D0:A6:86:89:BC:A8:70:BA:34:FF:6B:AC:F9
    SHA1: BB:0D:AC:74:D3:21:E1:43:67:71:9B:62:90:AF:A1:66:6E:44:5D:75
    Signature algorithm name: SHA1withRSA
    Version: 3

The line that begins with SHA1 contains the certificate's SHA-1 fingerprint. The fingerprint is the sequence of 20 two-digit hexadecimal numbers separated by colons.

After you enter your package name and fingerprint, go ahead and submit the form online. The confirmation email will include the link to download the JAR.

Step 2: Download and install the LotaData JAR

If for any reason you are unable to find the download link, you can always get the latest LotaData JAR here.

Download LotaData JAR and include it in your project libs folder. Define the dependency for our JAR in your app module build.gradle file.

[warning] build.gradle file

Your project should have two gradle files: one for the app module, and one for the project. Edit the app module file to include the JAR.

dependencies {
    implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])

Step 3: Download and install dependency

As our library uses Json to serialize and transmit structured data over the network connection, you must to download this dependency also.

Download this JAR and include it in your project libs folder (in the same way as in Step 2).


We are eager to hear from you and happy to share best practices for integrating the SDK. There are many ways for you to reach us:

But first, please sign up for an account with LotaData so that we may send you the link to download our SD

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